The Competitive Playbook

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The Competitive Playbook will teach you how to build a program that...

  1. wins more competitive deals for your business
  2. helps you stand out within your org and get promoted

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to identify your top competitors
  • How to identify gaps (opportunities) in your competitive landscape
  • Non-product based differentiators that you should be investing in
  • How to stay in the loop on your competitors' activities
  • How to build a competitive intelligence flywheel to get MORE help without hiring anyone
  • The five ways you should bundle and distribute competitive updates for teams
  • The content you'll need to consistently deliver (and how to create it)

PLEASE NOTE: the intention of this playbook is to give you a set of proven tools and frameworks. But every company is different. It's up to you to assess your business and/or work with your manager or leadership team to determine what should or shouldn't be implemented from this playbook.

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The Competitive Playbook

15 ratings
I want this!